Ultrafast Dynamics Group
Frédéric Laquai's Group


Erkki Alarousu

Research Scientists

Selected Publications

  • Quantum confinement-tunable ultrafast charge transfer at the PbS quantum dot and phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl est... 
    А.O. El-Ballouli, E. Alarousu, M. Bernardi, S.M. Aly, A.P. Lagrow, O.M. Bakr, and O.F. Moh...
    J. Am. Chem. Soc., 136 (19), 6952-6959, (2014)
  • Real-time observation of ultrafast intraband relaxation and exciton multiplication in PbS quantum dots 
    А.O. El-Ballouli, E. Alarousu, A. Usman, J. Pan, O.M. Bakr, and O.F. Mohammed
    ACS Photonics, 1 (3), 285-292, (2014)
  • Exceptionally low trap-state density and long carrier diffusion in room-temperature grown MAPbBr3 single-crystal wa... 
    D. Shi, V. Adinolfi, R. Comin, K. Katsiev, E. Alarousu, Y. Chen, S. Hoogland, M. Yuan, A. ...
    Science, 347 (6221), 519-522, (2015)
  • High-quality bulk hybrid perovskite single crystals within minutes by inverse temperature crystallization 
    M.I. Saidaminov, A.L. Abdelhady, B. Murali, E. Alarousu, V.M. Burlakov, W. Peng, I. Dursun...
    Nature Communications 6, 7586, (2015)
  • Harnessing structural darkness in the visible and infrared wavelengths for a new source of light 
    Huang, C. Liu, Y. Zhu, S. Masala, E. Alarousu, Y.Han and A. Fratalocchi
    Nature Nanotechnology. 11, pp. 6066, (2015)
  • Online monitoring of printed electronics by Spectral-Domain Optical Coherence Tomography 
    E. Alarousu, A. AlSaggaf, G. Jabbour
    Scientific Reports, 3, (2013)


  • M.Sc (Tech.), Optoelectronics and measurement techniques, University of Oulu, Finland, 2001
  • D.Sc (Tech.), Optoelectronics and measurement techniques, University of Oulu, Finland, 2006

Professional Profile

  • 2009  -  Present: Research Scientist, Solar and Photovoltaic Engineering Research Center, KAUST, Saudi Arabia
  • 2008-2009: Visiting Research Scientist, Arizona State University, USA
  • 2007-2011: Research Scientist, University of Oulu, Finland
  • 2001-2006: Doctoral Student, University of Oulu, Finland
  • 2000-2001: Assistant, University of Oulu, Finland

Scientific and Professional Memberships

  • Member of Finnish Optical Society (FOS)
  • Member of European Optical Society (EOS)

KAUST Affiliations

  • ​KAUST Solar Center (KSC)
  • Division of Physical Science and Engineering (PSE)​