Ultrafast Dynamics Group
Frédéric Laquai's Group


The experimental setup for broadband TA spectroscopy allows the excited state absorption of molecules to be measured over a broad wavelength range from 500 - 2200 nm while covering a time range from 100 fs to 1 ms.​​
Using PIA, the dynamics of excited states in dyes, polymers and organic devices can be observed, and therefore basic processes like charge separation and recombination can be investigated.​​​​
Time resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy probes those excited states that have a radiative decay channel.
PDS is a non-destructive and highly-sensitive technique that measures the absorbance of semiconducting materials. 
TDCF is an optical-pump electronic-probe technique, particularly relevant to study the fiel dependance of charge generation, charge exctraction, photogenerated charge density, and charge recombination dynamics in solar cells.