Ultrafast Dynamics Group
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  • ​​​MSE390B - Photophysics of Organic Semiconductors

This course offers an introduction to electronic processes in organic and hybrid organic-inorganic materials, nowadays used in many optoelectronic devices such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs), photovoltaic (PV) cells, and photodetectors. First, the theoretical basics of electronic transitions and excited state dynamics are discussed, specifically: emission spectra of single molecules, molecular aggregates, and bulk samples as well as concepts of energy transfer, charge transport, and photophysical processes in conjugated polymers and organic and hybrid photovoltaic devices. Furthermore, the course offers an introduction to the most common steady-state and time-resolved (transient) all-optical and electro-optical spectroscopy techniques and analysis and interpretation of experimental data from different spectroscopy techniques. Finally, modeling of excited state dynamics using different software tools, for instance multivariate curve resolution analysis of complex spectroscopic data consisting of several components are discussed.​

  • ​MSE303 - Statistical Thermodynamics & Equilibrium Processes​​

The course offers a modern fundamental understanding to the main concepts and practical applications of thermodynamics in materials science. The following major topics are discussed within the frame of this course: review of basic laws of classical thermodynamics, an introduction to phase equilibria including the theory of solutions, chemical reaction and surface and interfacial phenomena. Additionally, an introduction to statistical thermodynamics of gases and condensed matter is provided.​