New Publication in Advanced Functional Materials

07 December, 2022

The latest paper published by our group in the journal Advanced Functional Materials demonstrates a volatile solid additive, namely, 1, 8-dichloronaphthalene (DCN) to simultaneously enhance the power conversion efficiency (PCE) and the storage, thermal as well as photo stabilities of oligothiophene ASM-OSCs with concise and low-cost syntheses. The improved PCEs are mainly due to the DCN-induced morphology control with improved exciton dissociation and reduced non-geminate recombination. Notably, the PCE of 16.0% stands as the best value for oligothiophene ASM-OSCs and is among the top values for all types of binary ASM-OSCs. In addition, devices incorporating DCN have shown remarkable long-term stability, retaining over 90% of their initial PCE after dark storage aging of 3000 h and thermal or light stressing of 500 h. Our findings demonstrate that the volatile-solid-additive strategy can be a simple yet effective method of delivering highly efficient and stable oligothiophene ASM-OSCs with excellent commercial viability.