New Publication in Energy & Environmental Science

14 March, 2023

The latest paper published by our group in the journal Energy & Environmental Science unveils the structure-property relations and elucidates key rules for high-efficiency and outdoor-stable terpolymer photovoltaics. More specifically, introducing a strong electron-deficient or electron-rich third moiety is suggested to enable broadened absorption with minimized non-radiative voltage losses. Besides, the third component should manipulate the D/A miscibility towards a thermodynamically more stable morphology. However, the content of the third component should be small to maintain molecular orientation and exciton diffusion length in conjunction with optimized phase-separation and crystallinity, in turn reducing bimolecular carrier recombination. Our findings provide a rationale for explaining and achieving high-performance and outdoor-stable terpolymer photovoltaics, paving the path to commercialization.